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After analyzing and researching your business/brand, we develop a social media marketing strategy crafted to meet your unique goals and objectives.

“I have been a Commercial Real Estate Broker for over 30 years.  I have been president of my own corporation for 10 years.  My business has always been 75% referral and repeat business. Since hiring Algorithm Social Media, I have increased my non referral leads by 50%.  The conversion rate of those new leads has been about 25%, which is remarkable percentage for any type of advertising.  By my presence in social media, I am perceived as a large presence in my market, able to compete with large national corporations with unlimited advertising budgets.” -Anne B., President 

"Hiring Algorithm Social Media was one of the best moves I've made.  Besides being well-versed in all things "social", they were able to explain the process and offer guidance that got us up and running in no time.  And they're keen on making sure we get results.  I so appreciate that!   Thanks, Algorithm Social Media!" -Mariel P., Founder/CEO Character Mapping

"Algorithm Social Media put me on track to post more consistently and efficiently which has been a huge help in growing my social media presence. Not only that, they gave me the tools to apply fun creative ways to do it!” - Heather H., Actress

We are passionate about social media.  We understand our clients don't always have time to focus on social media marketing!  We also are keenly aware of the fact that all businesses & brands must have a strong online presense to compete in our modern climate.


We are a boutique, California based social media marketing & content creation company dedicated to developing cutting-edge campaigns. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!  



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